Who is The Transformational CPA™?

An overview

I used to…never speak up about what I really wanted
I used to…not speak honestly about the truth to someone I really cared about, hoping they liked me
I used to…think that I had to run my business all by myself
I used to…believe what the media told people about abundance or the lack of

Then I met…a life coach; and started to change…the way I look at life and became a life coach myself to help my clients
Then I met…a friend who could honestly tell me the truth; and started to change…how I viewed peoples thoughts about me when they did it from a place of love
Then I met…business mentors I sought out to help me and believed in my vision; and I started to change…the way I look at other people in business as collaborators rather than competitors
Then I met…coaches who taught about abundance and really began to learn who God really is and the benefits of his love; and started to change…the way I look at my mindset and abundance

And little by little…I have better communication and relationships with my family, friends, and clients
And little by little…I was able to intuitively tell if someone was telling me truth and direction from a place of love or evil
And little by little…I can support other people in their visions because I have a better understanding that relationships are the most important thing in our lives, and without them, we would die
And little by little…I’m in a state of consciousness that allows the abundance to flow, and have a heart of gratitude for every little thing that comes into my life

And now I’m…blessed because I have great people in my life
And now I’m…more compassionate because I genuinely care about people and help them face life’s challenges
And now I’m…changing the face of my accounting practice to be proactive with people in their finances
And now I’m…heading out to teach financial literacy to the masses

Can you imagine your life transformed?  Do you see how transformation takes time, a willingness to be vulnerable, love and acceptance of yourself and surround yourself with people who believe in you?

Would you care enough to be a part of a movement to help raise the consciousness of the planet or to transform your own life, through financial literacy?

Come and join me and see the benefits of how financial literacy can change your life!  Contact me at: nancy@crystalclearprofits.com or connect with me at one of the following:

facebook: Nancy Lee Ma


google+:Nancy Lee Ma

Linkedin: NancyLeeMa

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